Richardson High Schoolers Adapt Heathers Into a Musical

Richardson High Schoolers Adapt Heathers Into a Musical

Contact Us,Heather Chandler is popular, pretty and pitiless. She says things like, fuck me gently with a chainsaw. She treats her friends, two of them also named Heather, fake ids with deep contempt, and she treats her enemies worse. Another girl invites her to lick up a puddle of vomit. One morning, Heather drinks a coffee mug full of bright blue drain cleaner and falls onto a glass coffee table, dead.

And that just the beginning of Heathers, the 1989 cult film about a murderous class of high school students, fake id which stars Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. Heathers is an exaggerated depiction of the savagery of teenage cliques and social strata, brutal in satire and high in body count.

And now it a nationally acclaimed high school musical in Richardson, with a new run of shows June 15 17. Pearce High School in Richardson gave the show high school premiere. Now Heathers: The Musical is in the national spotlight, with Pearce students chosen to perform at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The director, fake id naturally, is a Heather.

Heather Biddle was in middle school when the movie came out. She came by her fandom honestly: had three best friends named Heather, she says, I had a boyfriend who looked like Christian Slater. She been a fan of the movie ever since.

Biddle has been working on the show for two years, starting when the creators were fine tuning scenes and transposing songs to the right keys. But Texas high schools aren as prudish as they were a few decades ago, scannable fake id and Richardson ISD, while raising its eyebrows at some scenes, ultimately allowed Heathers: The Musical to proceed. And the community response has been overwhelmingly supportive.