Barrington man accused of making 1000 fake IDs

Barrington man accused of making 1000 fake IDs

Police have charged a Barrington man on suspicion of having made and sold nearly 1,000 fake driver’s licenses in his apartment over a four year period.

Sam P. Rzepnicki, 21, of the 500 block of East Main Street, fake id reddit Barrington, was charged Tuesday with multiple felonies including possession of driver’s license making implements, manufacturing fraudulent driver’s licenses and sale of a fraudulent driver’s license, following a search of his apartment the previous day.

That search, fake id generator conducted as part of an investigation by both Barrington and Arlington Heights police, uncovered computer hard drives, scanners, printers and a laminating machine allegedly used to make fake driver’s licenses from multiple states.

Also found in Rzepnicki’s apartment were multiple fake driver’s licenses already made as well as 100 sheets of laminating paper marked with the logos of Illinois and other states capable of making another 400 fake licenses.

The investigation uncovered that the primary clientele for Rzepnicki’s operation are underage teens in the Barrington area.

Investigators said they hope to compile a list of names and photographs of people who purchased fake IDs from Rzepnicki and will then determine what action to pursue against them.

Barrington police are encouraging anyone in possession of one of these fake driver’s license to voluntarily turn it in to their department with no further consequences.

Acting Barrington Police Chief Jerry Libit said Thursday that he could not immediately comment on the circumstances that threw suspicion on Rzepnicki.

But Libit did say that Rzepnicki’s own words during the investigation were part of what led to the estimate of the timeframe involved with the fake ID operation.