Cops nab 4 suspects in sale of fake IDs

Cops nab 4 suspects in sale of fake IDs

Police often stake out West 26th Street in Little Village where people wave their thumbs and index fingers to signify they are selling phony IDs, Officer Harry Callahan said.

While watching the intersection of West 26th Street and South St. Louis Avenue on Sunday, officers followed Gustavo Canales, 41, to a home in the 1400 block of South Cicero Avenue in Cicero, Callahan said. and seized a computer, copier, shredder and laminating machine as well as identification cards and driver’s licenses from Illinois, Texas, California and Indiana, police said. fake id

There were also Mexican chauffeur licenses and $175,000 worth of resident alien, permanent resident and Social Security cards, Callahan said. The cards cost $100 to $125 to buyers, including undocumented workers, underage drinkers and drivers with suspended licenses, he said.

Canales was arrested and charged with possessing fraudulent identification and having equipment to make them, both felonies.

Also arrested at the home were Alberto Martinez, 23, and Eliu Puga Caruso, 21, filltrustid who both said they live at the home as well, for misdemeanor charges of promoting fraudulent identification.

Police arrested resident Carlos Herrera, 31, who is charged with having fake IDs and the equipment to make them.

Prieto said there is a constant struggle against increasingly sophisticated operations, changing personnel and demand.

“Have we completely eliminated this particular operation? No. Have we put a crimp in this operation? Yes,” said Callahan. “This is going to slow this crew down.”